William Rudow authored e-book Dangerous Law


dangeroua law by william rudow

Gang leader and brilliant fraud and identity theft artist Wanda Gibbons loses control of her psychotic cousin who leaves a bloody trail of victims. Attorney Harry Bronze and city cop PJ Cratz have to stop the gang regardless of the consequences. Mortgage fraud may have destroyed America, but for many of the players, mortgage fraud was only the beginning …. Attorney Harry Bronze stumbles onto a gang of ruthless but well organized and funded thieves in Dangerous Law, an adventure fiction novel. The gang is led by the brilliant, attractive Wanda Gibbons. Wanda is a fraud and identity theft artist, but her scary psychotic cousin, Slick, leaves a trail of bloody victims that local Baltimore City cop PJ Cratz has to stop regardless of the consequences. Harry Bronze, and PJ Cratz, with the help of Harry’s process server, Jim, a former U.S. Army Recon Ranger Sniper, go outside the law, bringing them in direct conflict with the FBI, to stop the gang from devastating Baltimore. The story explores the fascinating interplay between white-collar and blue-collar crimes and punishments as well as the tensions between local and federal law enforcement agencies; it is based on many true events and real people. Truth is stranger than fiction.
William Rudow published a novel, Dangerous Law, as an e-book.
Dangerous Law can be purchased at:   Dangerous Law. Dangerous Law can be downloaded/read on any common e-reader device or computer.